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Welcome to Sasuke Studio 29!

Sasuke Studio 29 was originally created by Chris Ketchum on October 16, 2006. The intent was to create a channel that made obstacle course videos inspired by the Japanese game show, Sasuke (a.k.a Ninja Warrior in the US). On June 7, 2007, Chris debuted the first episode of Junior Sasuke, which later became known as Kouen Supiritto.

Since then, Chris has produced a total of 5 seasons with a sixth on the way.

Sasuke Studio 29 is now also associated with three other video producers who make their own obstacle course video series.

Member Role
Chris Ketchum

Producer of Kouen Supiritto (formerly Junior Sasuke)

Editor of Junsei Ryou

Oni-91 Graphics Editor of Kouen Supiritto
Badalight Producer of Junsei Ryou
ShishouChousenguy Producer of Shishou Chousen (formerly Sasuke Warrior)
MindOfCrazyPerson222 Producer of Mercury Laboratories (Hg Labs) and Playground Revenge