Junsei Ryou is an obstacle course created by Badalight. Series 1 was edited by Chris Ketchum. Series 2 was edited by William Marchese.

First StageEdit

JR First Stage Obstacles Time Limit
1 Stone Steps Pillar Jump Jumping Balance Beam Weighted Walk 1:15
2 Stone Steps v2 Unbalanced Bridge Wraparound The Split Pandora's Box Metal Bounce 0:50

Second StageEdit

JR Second Stage Obstacles Time Limit
1 Grip Hang Sky Bridge Cylinder Run Gate Climb Monkey Bars Mt. Olympus 1:55
2 Pipe Dream Sky Bridge Parallel Bars Gate Climb Leap of Fate Mt. Olympus 1:35

Third StageEdit

JR Third Stage Obstacles
1 Chain Swing Grip Hang Body Prop Horizontal Poles Cliff Hanger
2 Weighted Walk v2 Gorbachev's Wall Devil Steps Cliff Hanger v2 Curtain Swing

Final StageEdit

JR Final Stage Obstacles Time Limit
1-Present Uphill Body Prop Final Climb 0:45

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